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there are weight and fluid ounces.

weight ounce is ... grams
28 grams is ? weight ounces?
weight pound is ... grams
454 grams in weight is ? pounds
in Avoirdupois one pound weight is ... oz
16 oz is ... pound weight
one ounce is .... grains (gr)
437.5 grains is ? ounce(s)
how many ounces are in a pint?
16 ounces = ? pint
how many ounces = cup
8 fluid oz = ? cup
1 teaspoon = ? ounces
1/6 of an ounce = ? teaspoon
1 tablespoon = ? ounces
1/2 fluid ounce = ? tablespoon(s)
2 tablespoons = ? ounces
1 fluid oz = ? tablespoons
is there a difference between a dry ounce in weight and a fluid ounce in liquid measures?
Not that I can detect, no difference. all are the same in numerical measurements.
1 oz = ? Tablespoons
2 Tablspoon = ? oz
how many oz in a pint?
16 oz are in a ? pint
a gallon has how many ounces?
128 fluid oz are in a ? gallon
a fluid oz = ? tablespoons?
2 tablespoons = ? fluid ounces
how many ounces in a cup?
8 fluid ounces = ? cups
so weight is indicated by:

a) gram
b) liter
c meter
weight is indicated by gram

kilogram = 1,000 grams
milligrams = thousands of a gram
which of the following indicates volume?

a) meter
b) gram
c) liter
liter indicates volume

kiloliter = 1,000 liters
deciliter = tenth of a liter
dekaliter = ten times a liter
hectoliter = hundred times
g = gram
mg = milligram

microgram = mcg = µg
they don't use µ on orders, why?
µ looks like mg and that is like ten times the strengths so it could kill someone so they use mcg to not make mistakes
what is the basic unit of volume?
the Liter is the basic unit of measuring volume
cc = mL. But which is correct use in relation to volume?
mL is used not cc to express volume. Like a medicine cup will be calibrated in mL and not cc
what is the metic equivilant for a quart?
1,000 mL is the metric equvilant for a quart

500 mL is the metric equivilant for the pint