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1. a mouse in a house
2. a cloud of dust
3. the fire broke out
4. lost and found
5. a single sound
6. about my size
7. a cup of flour
8. in their clubhouse
9. around the world
10. a very grouchy person
11. the scouting party
12. is reading aloud
13. bounced the ball
14. found another penny
15. in outer space
16. wound the string
17. a pound of meat
18. clouds in the sky
19. stop shouting
20. on solid ground
21. the lookout tower
22. tasted sour
23. loud and clear
24. the pitcher's
25. some seeds sprouted
26. slept on the couch
27. a foul ball
28. mounted the horse
29. waiting outside
30. counted the books
31. was very proud
32. the warning sound
33. her yellow blouse
34. one cup of flour
35. a small group
36. mouth of the cave
37. an ounce of milk
38. the pig's snout
39. surrounds the house
40. spoke loudly
41. started the countdown
42. an underground cable
43. proud of her
44. fishing for trout
45. caught the outlaw
46. open a bank account
47. found a hound dog
48. a mournful sound
49. surrounded by friends
50. a pair of trousers
51. about nine inches long
52. a cloud of dust
53. pounded on the window
54. are traveling south
55. a mouthful of food
56. at the playground
57. was a scoundrel
58. slouched in her seat
59. out of sight
60. founder of the city
61. impounded the stray dog
62. Astounding!
63. lived on a houseboat
64. a soundproof room
65. crashed to the ground
66. about to take off
67. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
68. a sudden cloudburst
69. an outstanding book
70. around the corner
71. a green background
72. ten percent
73. mounted the platform
74. without your help
75. a one-room schoolhouse
76. ate Brussels sprouts
77. counting on you
78. good turnout