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Characteristics of the prehistoric period
Advanced culture in Mesopotamia and Egypt.
-elaborate irrigation
-organized cities
-writing developed
Who were the creators of Mesopotamia?
The Summarians
Who were the Akkadians
Semites that inhabited lower Mesopotamia (seized power and created a 180 year dynasty)
Who knocked the Akkadians out of power?
The Guti, which were later overthrown by Ur
Place/setting of the Patriarchal narratives
What time period can the patriarchal narratives be set in?
Middle Bronze I period
Abraham's journey is associated with what time period?
Middle Bronze II period
What kind of lifestyle did the patriarchs lead?
Who did Abraham originally worship?
Many gods

He was a polytheist
What is the tripartite canon?
The old testament divided into three sections
the Law
the Prophets
the Writings
What is the varying number in books in the Jewish canon of the OT?
24 or 22
What is the probable cause of the jewish canon having 22 books?
To parallel the amount of letters in the hebrew alphabet
To what time period has the evidence for 24 books date back to ?
100 A.D.
What did the Christian Church change in the order of the OT books?
Put the books of the prophetic oracles, Isaiah onwards, at the end of teh old testament
What sections are the Hebrew Bible broken up in?
(categories for organizing the books of the bible)
What sections are the Protestant Bible broken up in?
The Law
The History
Major Prophets
Minor Prophets
What sections are the Catholic Bible broken up in?
Poetical and Wisdom
Prophetical Literature
What is similar between the Hebrew, Protestant, and Catholic Bible?
They all begin with this order

How do the arrangement of 1&2 Samuel and 1&2 Kings differ between the different bible versions?
1-2 Samuel
1-2 Kings
(breaks them up)
1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 2 Kings
(calls all kings)
1 Kings (1 Samuel), 2 Kings (2 Samuel), 3 Kings (1 Kings), 4 Kings (2 Kings)
What does Paralipomenon stand for?
Chronicles in the Catholic Bible
What are Books of the Bible that exist in the Catholic Bible, but not in the Hebrew and Protestant Bibles?
Canticle of Canticles
1 and 2 Maccabees
What does Abdias stand for?
Obadiah in the Catholic Bible
Wath does Sophonias mean?
Zephaniah in the Catholic Bible
What does Aggeus mean?
Haggai in the Catholic Bible
How many books does the Hebrew Bible have?
How many books does the Protestant Bible have?
How many books does the Catholic Bible have?
How is Ester and Nehemiah categorized in each style of Bible?
Catholic and Hebrew
Ezra and Nehemiah are one book; however, in different placements within the bible
Ezra and Nehemiah stand as separate books
What are the two languages of the Old Testament?
Hebrew and Aramaic
What tribes/ethnic groups lived in Northeast Semitic
What tribes/ethnic groups lived in Northwest Semitic
What tribes/ethnic groups lived in Southeast Semitic
Old South Arabic
What tribes/ethnic groups lived in Southwest Semitic
What were the earliest Hebrew texts (that have been found) written in?
Paleo-Hebrew script which was borrowed and adapted from the Phoencians
What were the methods of writing that were used to write the Old Testament?
scroll or roll of leather (parchment)
What were the earliest documents of the Old Testament probably written on?
What were other things people wrote on?
tablets of wood, wax, or clay and fragments of broken pottery
What is cuneiform?
a form of writing where words would be inscribed with a chisel into stone
What were other tools that authors used to write with?
reed pen
iron pen
What caused discrepancies or errors in copying the Old Testament?
alphabet letters of the Paleo-Hebrew script could easily be confused because they looked alike
-early manuscripts also lacked vowels and pronunciation
-copyists would substitute more commons words for more obscure words
What is dittography
when someone accidentally repeats a letter, word or phrase.
what is haplography
failing to repeat something in the copy which is found twice in the source manuscript
what is momoioteluton
a scribe's eye skippedfrom one phrase to another with a similar ending, omitting the intervening material
what is homioarchton
when something is left out because of a similar beginning
What is LXX
the Septuagint or Greek Old Testament
When did Christians begin to use the LXX?
After the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD
What is MT
Masoretic Text
What are the Aramaic Targums?
Aramaic hostile encroachments upon the Hebrew language that were used in synagogue readings

Aramaic version of the OT?
What is the Vulgate
Syriac translated version of the old testament
What are the two distinct sections in Genesis?
Primeval history
Patriarchal history
What are four major theological themes that are present in Genesis?
1. God is Creator
2. the entrance of sin into the created order radically alters the original creation
3. God's judgment meets human sin at each point
4. God sustains both the creation and humans by his preserving grace
Liberal view of divine/human inspiration
View bible as a book that is only filled with peoples ideas of God and does not believe that inspiration comes from God nly human thought
Fundamentalist view of divine/human inspiriation
They believe that human inspiration is just the literal transcriptions of what God is telling them to say
What is Plenary?
The view that all scripture is inspired
What is Verbal view of inspiration?
The view that the words of the Bible are inspired by God, not just the ideas
When did the Egyptian Empire come to an end?
Under the seccessors of Ramseses III
Where is the first extrabiblical mentioning of Isreal?
In Merheptari's Hymn of Victory inscribed on stele
Whats the supossed date for the Exodus?
Under which pharo is the exodus believed to have taken place?
Rameses II
What does "Exodus" mean?