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List some symptoms of blood decifiency.
Falling hair
pale lips
dry skin
Constipation after childbirth
Constipation in older people
Late Menses
Thin, emaciated
She was thin, had dry skin, pale lips, falling hair, late menses and constipation after childbirth, so was deficient of blood.
List symptoms of Kidney & Kid deficiency
Premature grey
Black face
putrid smell
His dificient kidneys gave him a black face, grey hair and a putrid smell..he groaned all the time
What are some symptoms of Lung deficiency
Dull split ends
Breathing through mouth
Gradual loss of voice
dry coughing
rank smell
List symptoms of Liver problems
Green face
rancid smell
Liv Qi stagnation
Small bity stools
dificult to move stools
Stag = alternative constipation & diarrhea
irregular menses
List heart symptoms
Burned smell
List spleen symptoms
Sweet smell
List symptoms of interior cold
Green face
Black face
Constipation w/ abdominal pain
late menses
scanty periods
purple or black clots in menses
List pain symptoms
green face
List Internal wind symptoms
green face
List excess heat symptoms
Red face
any strong foul smell
talking too much
sm bity stools
early menses
heavy periods
dark or bright red menses
List deicient heat symptoms
malar face
List excess damp symptoms
yellow face
Stools or urine w/strong foul smell
rank stools
List symptoms of QI deficiency
Pale lips
difficult to move stools
early menses
heavy periods
List Yang deficiencies
pale lips
List Stomach heat symptoms
red dry lips
swollen painful gums, bleeding poss
constipation w/accute thirst
Dry, yellow tongue
List Blood stasis symptoms
Purple-bluish lips
late menses
scanty periods
purple or black clots in menses
List Wind symptoms
Itchy skin
Sudden loss of voice
List symptoms of Yin deficiency
Dry skin
gradual loss of voice
fresh red blood in menses (empty-heat)
List Excess symptoms
Loud voice
Loud coughing
Loud breathing
Constipation, pain relief after bowel movemente
List symptoms of Deficiency
weak voice
weak coughing
weak breathing
Constipation pian AFTER bowel movement
pale red menses or watery