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What is neutral reportaage defense?
not recognized in NC
must be newsworthy and a serious matter
dispute needs to involve public figures
the report must be accurate
the report must be disinterestedly reported
Conditionss for fair comment and criticism defense?
opinion is based on fact
opinion must be fair
opinion must be that of media employees, not source
A matter of public interest
Printed without common law malice
What is the fair comment and criticism defense?
protects media opinions about books, food, public officials etc
What is the 1st amendment opinion defense
says that the 1st amend protects 2 types of opinion:
vague evaluations incapable of being proved true or false
*milkovich v Lorrain journal
what are the conditions to met the fair report defense?
you report is fair
you report is accurate
the story was not motivated by common law malice
information is attributed to the privileged source
What is the fair report defense?
protects publication of allegedly liblelous info that comes from privileged sources
ex: official govt meetings or govt reports
What are other libel defenses?
fair report
statute of limitations
wire servicecs defense
1st amend opinion defense
fair comment and criticism
what is the truth defense?
you show that the evidence proves the truth
what is the statute of limitations
you can wait 1 year after publication to sue of libel in north carolina