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Garlic + Invirase (saquinavir)
Decrease effectiveness of invirase. Could lead to treatment failure or development of virus resistance
Garlic + Diabetes medication
Low blood sugar levels
Ginkgo + Thiazide diuretics (HCTZ)
Increase blood pressure
Kava + Alcohol
Excessive drowsiness or sleepiness
Kava + Benzodiazepines (Ativan, valium) and barbiturates (phenobarbital)
Excessive drowsiness or sleepiness
St. John's wort + Digoxin
Decresed digoxin effectiveness
St. John's wort + warfarin
Decrese warfarin effectiveness
St. John's wort + oral contraceptives
Decreased contraceptive effectiveness
St. John's wort + Crixivan (Indinavir)
Decreased effectiveness of Crixivan
St. John's wort + cyclosporine
Decresed inmunosuppresant activity
St. John's wort + loperamide
Confusion, disorientation, slurred speach
St. John's wort + Statins (Lovastatin, Mevacor; Lipitor, atorvastatine; Zocor, simvastatina)
Decreased statin activity, cholesterol levels could increase
St. john's wart + antidepresants
Excesive serotonin levels in brain could lead to serotonin syndrome (mental confusion, agitation, fever, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, tremors)
Valerian + Alcohol
Excessive drowsiness or sleepiness
Valerian + benzodiazepinas (ativan, valium), barbiturates (phenobarbital) and sedatives
Excessive drowsiness or sleepiness
Warfarin + St. John's wort or Coenzyme Q10
Possible development of blood clots
Warfarin + Dong quai, equinacea, feverfew, garlic and/or ginkgo biloba
Possible increase of bleeding
Black cohosh (cimicifuga racemosa) indication
premenstrual symptoms, painful or difficult menstruation and hot flashes caused by menopause
Echinasea uses
Internal: Supportive therapy of respiratory. Inmunostimulant
External: Local treatment of hard to heal superficial wounds and ulcers. Burns, rash, skin inflammation, poison Ivy and poison oaks
Echinasea shouldn't be used in
pregnancy, lactation, children, allergics to sunflower or inmunosuppresed pat. may cause inmunosuppresion after 8 weeks of treatment
Feverfew uses
Profilaxis and prevention of migraine and headaches
Garlic Indications
Hypertension (its just an adjunt patients shouldn't abandon HBP therapy) anticoagulants and aterosclerosis
Ginkgo biloba uses
vertigo, tinnitus, weakened memory, Raynaud's Syndrome, and mood swings
Ginger indication and dosage
Nausea, vomit, dyspepsia and prophylaxis of symptom sotf travel sickness. 1 g 1 hour prior to travel and 1-2 caps q4h prn
asian gingseng uses
lack of energy, debility, lack of concentration, convalescence
siberian ginseng uses
fatigue, convalescence, difficulty of concentration
Kava uses
Insomnia, nervousness
Saw palmetto
micturition difficulties related with benign prostatic hyperplasia
St. John's Wort Indications
depression and anxiety
Valerian Indications
Restlessness and nervous disturbance of sleep
Chondroitin sulfate indications
Osteoarhtirtis and viscoelastic ophtalmic procedures (most ophthalmic intraocular surgeries including extracapsular cataract extraction (ECCE), phacoemulsification, IOL insertion and removal, corneal surgery, glaucoma surgery, trauma surgery, posterior segment surgery, ocular plastic surgery and muscle surgery)
Coenzyme Q10 Indications
CHF, hipertension, stable angina, arritmia, periodontal disease
Glucosamine indication and dose
osteoartritis. 500 mg tid
Melatonin uses
circadian rhythm sleep disorder in blind people with no light perception.
Melatonin precaution
may aggravate deppresion symptoms
Garlic dose
0.6 - 1.2 g of a dry powder or 2 - 4 g of fresh garlic daily
Ginkgo biloba dose
40 mg TID for 4-6 weeks
Kava dose
200 mg divided in 3 doses
Feverfew dose
125 mg qd
Black cohosh (Remifenim) dose
20 mg bid
Black Cohosh MOA
It has estrogenic activity and the ability to mimic the body's own production of estrogen and occupy estrogen receptor
Remifemin active ingredient
Black Cohosh
Black Cohosh contraindications and precaution
CHF or heart disease because slows down heart rate. Precausion in patients with HBP meds because may cause hypotension
Chamomille indication
Antispamodic, digestive problems in general, sedative and antiinflammatory
Chamomille MOA in inflammation
Inhibits formation of leukotrienes through an antioxidant mechanism
Chitosan uses
May reduce obesity by reducing fat and lipid in the intestines by forming a complex.
Chondroitin Dose
400 mg TID
Chondroitin Cautions
Bleeding or bruising, because it has a chemical structure similar to heparin
Echinasea dose
325 - 650 mg tid
Feverfew MOA
Inhibits platelets aggregation and prostaglandines synthesis. Migraine headache suffers have stickier platelets.
Melatonin Dose
3 mg qHS
Garlic Cautions
Bleeding and bruises in patients taking anticoagulants, NSAID's and aspirin
When garlic should be suspended
2 eek prior surgery or dental procedure to aoid bleeding complications
Gingko Biloba Cautions
Inhibits Plalets aggregation factor, so caution in patiens taking aspirin, NSAID's or anticoagulants, because can increase bleeding clotting time and bruising
Hawthorn Indication
Dilate coronary blood vessels and increase coronary circulation. Can increase heart rate and nerve conductivity in the heart muscle
Hawthorn + Digoxin
contraindicated because it may potentiate digoxin action.
Hawthorn cautions
Because its antiplatelet action may cause brusing and bleeding
St. John wort Dose
300 mg TID. May have a lag on effectiveness of 7 days
St. John wort caution
Skin hypersensitivity. Patients should avoid sun exposure and tanning beds
coenzyme Q10 dose
100 mg qd