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What has clearily identifiable margins, no pain, is on soles, sides of feet, palms of hand?
what is small, raised, yellowish gray, few mm-1 cm, on, under, or between toes, is painful?
corn (clavus)
what is the tx for corns and calluses?
salicylic acid
what is the percentage of salicylic acid in colloidons and sig?
12-18% and apply once or twice a day, hardens into plasticlike film, soak, scrape and reapply
what is the percentage of salicylic acid in plasters and how long can it be left on for?
12-40% and can be left on for 48 hrs
what 3 criteria determine whether or not you get a wart?
1. papillomavirus must be present
2. must be an abrasion or other open avenue on skin
3. immune system must be susceptible
nail biters/cuticle pickers are susceptible to what?
subungual/perungual warts-diff to treat
verrucae plantaris are found where?
on sole of feet, different appearance, more likely to be painful
what new products are available for wart tx:
Wartner, Compound Freeze Off, Dr Scholl's Freeze away (dimethyl ether and propane)
cryotherapy: freezes wart off-necrotes tissues, similar to liquid nitrogen
Lotrimin Ultra
Cruex, Desenex, Mycelex
Lotrimin, Micatin, Cruex
Lamisil, Desenex
Tiactin, Absorbine, Odor-Eaters
Tx for bunions (Hallux Valgus)
avoid shoes and activities that aggravate
use shoe inserts for cushioning
Ibuprofen for pain
soaking feet for relief, not cure
tx for ingrown toenails?
due to improper cutting
improperly fitted footwear
can be severe-infection may develop
soak, IBU for pain, systemic AB may be required, surgery
tx for blisters?
compound tincture of Benzoin or new skin
once broken: topical antibiotic to prevent infection