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606 B.C.
1st carrying away into captivity by Nebuchadnezzar
597 B.C.
2nd carrying away by Nebuchadnezzar
587 B.C.
Destruction of the temple and Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar: 3rd carrying away
538 B.C.
Destruction of Babylon by Cyrus the Persian
536 B.C.
1st return of the Jews under Zerubbabel and Jeshua: 2nd temple started
520 B.C.
2nd Temple building resumed
516 B.C.
2nd Temple finished under Zerubbabel and Jeshua
483 B.C.
Xerxes searches for a new queen: Esther
458 B.C.
Ezra leads return to Jerusalem and spiritual revival.
444 B.C.
Nehemiah leads return to Jerusalem: walls rebuilt
432 B.C.
Nehemiah returns to Shushan, capital of Medo-Persia
425 B.C.
Malachi's ministry
333 B.C.
Alexander the Great and the Greek empire
167 B.C.
The Maccabean revolt
63 B.C.
Pompey's Roman invasion of Palestine
31 B.C
Augustus' reign and the beginning of the Roman Empire
4 B.C.
Herod the Great dies
25 A.D.
The beginning of Jesus' public ministry
70 A.D.
Destruction of Jerusalem and the Herodian temple by Titus and the Roman army