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Biblical Support for universal flood
Genesis 7:20 - whole earth was covered
2Peter 3 - flood as a universal judgement
Genesis 8 - God's promise never to flood the earth again
Non-Biblical Support for universal flood
- other cultures have flood traditions
- Catastrophic Plate Techtonics
- ark as a barge not ship
- long lives could still reproduce enough to fill the earth
What is the Abrahamic covenant?
- make you a great nation
- make name great
- be a blessing
Universal nature of Abrahamic covenant
Gen 12 - promise of God
Gen 15 - God passes through sacrifices by himself
Gen 17 - covenant declared everlasting
Heb 6 - covenant reaffirmed
Genesis Outline Part I
I. History of Creation and Fall of Man (1-11)
A. Creation (1-2)
B. The Fall (3-5)
C. The Flood (6-9)
D. Dispersion (10-11)
Genesis Outline Part II
II. Patriarchs (12-50)
A. Abraham (12-20)
1. covenant (12)
2. reaffirmation (15)
3. circumcision (17)
B. Isaac (21-26)
C. Jacob (27-36)
D. Joseph (37-50)
Daniel Outline Part I
I. Person & Background of Daniel (1)
A. conquest of Jerusalem
B. conscription
C. courage of 4 men
D. choices of 4 men
Daniel Outline Part II
II. Prophetic Course of Gentile Domination (2-7)
A. Nebuchadnezzar's Dream (2)
B. Fiery Furnace (3)
C. Humbling of Nebuchadnezzar (4)
D. Belshazzar (5)
E. Lion's Den (6)
F. Daniel's Dream (7)
Daniel Outline Part III
III. Prophetic Course of Israel (8-12)
A. Ram & Goat (8)
B. 70 Weeks (9)
C. Israel's Humiliation & Restoration (10-12)
History of Israel - Patriarchs
2000BC Abraham
1876BC Jacob goes down to Egypt
1446BC Exodus
1406BC Conquest
History of Israel - United Kingdom
1051BC Saul
1011BC David
971BC Solomon
959BC Dedication of the Temple
History of Israel - Divided Kingdom before the Fall of the North
931BC Kingdom divided
Prophets: Obadiah, Joel, Amos, Jonah, Hosea, Isaiah, Micah
History of Israel - Divided Kingdom - Fall of the North
720BC North falls to Assyria
Prophets: Nahum, Jeremiah, Zephaniah, Habbakuk
History of Israel - Divided Kingdom - Fall of the South
605BC first exile to Babylon
Prophet: Daniel
597BC second exile to Babylon
Prophet: Ezekiel
586BC third exile to Babylon, destruction of Jerusalem
Return to Israel
538BC 1st return under Zerubabbel
526BC 2nd return under Ezra, temple rebuilt
Prophet: Haggai, Zechariah
444BC 3rd return under Nehemiah, walls rebuilt
Prophet: Malachi