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Name 5 poetical and wisdom books in OT
Song of Solomon
Most familiar type of Hebrew poetry
What does transgression mean?
Willful and deliberate sin
What does Psalm 51:5 teach?
Sin had been part of experience since birth
Last words of Jesus were quoted from...
Psalm 22
Inspired Martin Luther to write "A Mighty Fortress is our God"
Psalm 46
Most familiar of nature Psalms is
19, 8
T/F: Parallelism is a prominent feature in OT poetry
T/F: In early Christian church you had to be able to recite all the Psalms to be ordaned
T/F: Solomon is known as the sweet singer of Israel
Some of most important issues discussed in the wisdom literature of OT
Problems and suffering
Meaning of life and love
Practical ethecs and morality
What was main argument offered to Job by his friends?
You suffer because of your sin
Big question Ecclesiastes grapples is
Meaning of life
5 important lessons in Job
You aren't always aware why you're suffering
Suffering may benefit the sufferer
Suffering must be considered in light of the reward
Perfection in character will be misunderstood by people
Suffering proves sustaining grace of God
Traditional author of Ecclesiastes
Last section of Proverbs
An acrostic poem
Youth who discussed disciplinary values of suffering
Dealt with in Ecclesiastes
riddle of existence
Origen's interpretation of Song of Solomon
Love of Christ for his church
Ability to use knowledge effectively
Dealt with in Proverbs
Formula for happiness and success
Book of Egyptian wisdom, similar to Proverbs
Teaching of Amenophis
Curse God and die
Advice given to Job by his wife