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who developed the psychosocial theory?
Eirk erikson
What did Eirk Erikson do?
- He recognized Freud's contributions
- Believed Frud misjudged some important dimensions of human development
- Developed the psychosocial theory of development.
what is the psychosocil theory of development?
Personality development is determined by the interactions of an intermal maturational plan and external social demands?
How many stages of pshchosocial development are in erikson's theory? What does each stage consist of
8 stages

each stage consist of a unique developmental task that confronts individuals with a crsis that must be faced.
What did Erikson say aboout crises?
- crises are not catastrophes but rather turning points of increased vulnerability and enhanced potential.

the more an individual resolves the crisis successfully, the healthier development will be.
Learning theories

Behavior produces changes in the probability of the behavior occurring again.

rewards increase the behavior and punishment decreases the behavior.
Who was Piaget and what theory did he develop and how?
He was a Swis psychologist. He developed the theory of cognitive development by watching his own children.
what did Piaget believe regarding cognitive development/
children actively construct their understanding of the world.
children progress through four stages.
two proceses underline development assimilation and accomodation.
what is assimilation and accomodation.
assimilation - taking things in
accomoodation - adjust or change thinking to allow for new ideas.
What are Piaget's stages of cognitive development? also what approximate age corresponsd to the stage?
1. sensorimotor-Birth to 2 years
2. Preperational thought- 2 to 6 years
3. Concrete operational thought- 7 years to early adolescence
4. formal operational thought- adolescence and beyond.
sonsorimotor skills?
infents knowledge of the world based on senses and motor skills. By the end of the period uses mental representation.
Preoperational thought?
2 to 6 years. illogical. ask questions and see what their answeres are. children learn to use words and numbers to represent aspects of their world but relates through their own perspective.
concrete operational thought?
7 to adolescence. Kids are concrete in their learning. if they can see it feel it and touch it they can learn about it. They still don't have the ability to learn about abstract things.
Formal operational thought?
adolescence and beyond. Thinks abstractly. deals with hypothetical situations and speculates about what may be possible.
Information-Processing theory
human cognition consists of mental hardware and mental software.
Vygotsky's theory.
the child's cognitive skills can be understood only when they are developmental
What is Urie Brofenbrenner's ecological Model
The developing person is embedded in a series of complex and interactive systems. these systems are teh microsystem, mesosyste, exosystem and macrosystem.