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How often should peristomal skin be accessed?
each time the appliance is changed
WHy is a barrier used on the kin around the stoma?
to prevent contact with excertion
Why should the client throughly dry the skin before applying an ostomy appliance
to prevent leakage
The common features of an ostomy appliance?
an outlet at the bottom for emptying
a pouch to collect effluent
Why is an ostomy appliance usually left in place for up to seven days?
to prevent skin breakdown
very pale or very dark stomas indicate
reduced blood flow
For a new stoma, swelling should go down within how many weeks?
2 weeks to 6 weeks.
Swelling that down not recede may indicate ?
A burning sensation under the skin of the ostomy appliance indicates?
skin breakdown
How should the used ostomy bag be removed?
slowly while holding the skin taunt.
When tracing the stoma opening on the skin barrier, how much extra space should be allowed for the stoma to expand?
1/8 to 1/6
IF the skin is excoriated, what should not be used to remove the reside?
A texas catheter, is what type of catheter?