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Accomplishement is mediated by interaction between what 2 factors?
Environment & child
What happens to HR with time?
What happens to RR with time?
What happens to BP with time?
At what age does a child double his/her birth length?
3/4 years old.
At age 3/4, how much do children typically grow?
2.5 to 3 inches per year
At age 3/4, how much weight do children typically gain?
3 to 5 pounds per year (2 kg per year)
At age 3/4, what are the caloric needs?
100 kcal/kg/day
At age 3/4, how much sleep should a child be getting?
11 to 13 hours of sleep a day.
What most closely mirrors intellectual development and is a critical measure of cognitive and emotional development?
What is the science of sounds occurring in language?
What is the meaning of words called?
What is the grammatical use of language, or putting words into sentences?
What is the social use of language, using language to describe emotions or mediate arguments?
What activity is very important in language development?
What 3 R's must be well-developed to succeed in school and aid in determining school readiness?
Regulation, Reciprocity, Representation
What part of social development includes controling one's impulses, affect and behavior?
What part of social development involves sharing, taking turns, and using others' ideas and points of view?
What part of social development involves conveying ideas with language by showing empathy and negotiation skills?
Ignore/don't allow attention-seeking behavior. Is this a discipline do or don't?
Discipline do.
Count 1,2,3...when you want something to stop. Is this a discipline do or don't?
Discipline do.
Use time-outs. Is this a discipline do or don't?
Discipline do.
When using time-outs, what is it necessary to do?
Remove the child from the situation and people who are important (one minute per year of age)
Is delaying discipline a do or don't?
Don't; be immediate and consistent with discipline
According to Dr. C, when should a child start visiting the dentist?
Age 3
At what age should children be potty trained?
Age 2.
Should preschool children know how to dial 911 and give their address and phone #?