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What is direction of motor development?
What stage of development is 0-2 months?
What stage of development is 3-4 months?
Social Engagement get to be fun
What stage of development is 5-7 months?
Toys at hand
What stage of development is 8-12 months?
What is Lanugo?
Babies are born with hair/fuzz on body.
What is Allopecia?
Eventually they loose the hair within a few months.
For how long should a car seat be placed backwards?
1 year old and 20 lbs.
Up to what weight should a child be placed in a car seat.
40 lbs.
Up to what height should a child be placed in a booster seat.
4 foot and 9 inches
What temperature should a water heater be kept at?
Less than 120 degrees.
How should a baby be positioned while sleeping?
Place supine on a firm mattress and no pillows when sleeping.
Can sunscreen be used even if the rules say less than 6 months?
When diapering, what cream should be used if their is a rash present?
Zinc-oxide type cream protects the skin from urine/feces.
What substance is NOT recommeneded for a diaper rash?
If babies skin is dry or has eczema, what should be used?
For babies, why should shoes have a flexible sole?
Because little ones use their toes to grip.