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A structured document with spaces reserved for entering information.
Labeled Spaces, into which users type information.
Form Fields
Structure usually consists of a table form that contains field labels and form fields.
Form Template
Location where the data associated with a field label is stored.
Form Field
Form fields where users enter information.
Text Form Fields
A list of options in a form.
Drop-down form field
Contains a selection of ActiveX controls that can be inserted in a form.
Control Toolbox
An area of a form into which users can enter information.
Text Form Field
Help Key
Contains a mathematical expression.
Calculation Form field
One type of ActiveX Control
Option Button
A word or phrase such as "Date" or "Location" that tells users the kind of information required for a given field.
Field Label
What happens when you insert a text form field into a table cell?
A shaded rectangle with five dots appears.
How do you view the list of choices available in a drop-down form field?
Open the form as a user, click the drop-down form field, then click the list arrow.
How would you enter a Help message containing 200 characters?
Enter the help message in the Type your own text box int he Help Key (F1) tab of the Help Text dialog box.
Type of Column Chart
A diagram that shows relationships to a core element.
The key to the chart data
Describes the significance of a value
Contains the data for a chart.
A kind of box included in an organization chart.
Which tab in the Format Axis dialog box do you select to change the increments shown on an x-axis or y-axis?
How many rows or columns of data can be represented in a pie chart?
How do you import Excel spreadsheet data into a chart you create in Word?
Click the Import File button on the Standard toolbar.
Which type of diagram do you use to show areas of overlap between elements?
Venn Diagram
How do you enhance an organization chart with a preset format?
Double-Click the organization chart to enter Edit Mode, then select a format from the AutoFormat gallery.
Contains a comment and appears in the right margin.
Use to move to another change
Next Button
View that shows deleted text in strike through form
Original Showing Markup
Use to verify the identity of the person who created the document.
Digital Signature
Use to view comments at the bottom of the document window.
Reviewing Pane
Use to change the appearance of tracked changes.
Tracked Changes dialog box
Which view do you choose when you want the text of the document and the comment balloons to be visible on the screen at the same time?
Page Width View
Where can you see the name of an individual associated with a specific comment?
In the reviewing pane
In print layout view, how is deleted text shown in t he Final Showing Markup view?
As bold and colored text in the document
How do you e-mail document revisions to a colleague?
Select Mail Recipient (For Review) from the Send To menu.
How do you protect a document against tracked changes?
Select Protect Document from the Tools menu.
Contains the buttons used to stop and pause a macro.
Stop Recording toolbar
Analyze the document and assign a score to each sentence.
Contains the buttons of your choice.
Custom toolbar
Command selected to modify a shortcut menu.
Selection on the Tools menu used to modify default settings.
Used to run macros
Macros dialog box
A series of Word commands and instructions that you group together as a single command.
Which dialog box do you open when you want to copy a macro from one document to another document?
Organizer dialog box