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What type of cartilage are intervertebral discs made up of?
what are heterotopic bones?
bones that form in soft tissues where they are not normally present ( riders)
What are the types of synovial joints?
1. pivot - uniaxial atlantoaxial joint
2. ball and socket - multiaxial joint,femur
3. plane - uniaxial, acromioclavicular joint
4. hinge -uniaxial, elbow joint
5. saddle - biaxial, thumb, TMJ
6. condyloid - biaxial; metacarpophalangeal
what are fibrous joints and give examples
joined by fibrous tissue such as sutures
-syndesmosis type: partially movable as in the interosseous membrane between the radius and ulna
-gomphosis: between the root of the tooth and the alveolar process of the jaw
what are cartilaginous joints?
united by hyaline cartilage or fibrocartilage. 2 types:
1. Primary: allow slight bending during early life, (epiphysial plate during bone development)
2. Secondary: united by fibrocartilage (intervertebral disc)
alkaline phosphatase is secreted by these cells during a fracture
T/F Physical therapy may worsen or prolong myositis ossificans
What is Myositis ossificans?
heterotopic ossification of muscle

It is a frequent complication of muscular contusions and an associated hematoma
What condition is treated with R.I.C.E?
What does R.I.C.E stand for?
What is Rhabdomyolysis?
Breakdown of muscle fiber with leakage of potential toxic cellular contents into the systemic circulation
What are the possible complications of rhabdomyolysis
Metabolic acidosis-
release of cellular phosphate and sulfate
Acute renal failure
what is a shoulder separation?
Separation of the AC joint
What is a shoulder dislocation?
Separation of the glenohumeral joint
What is the difference between a dislocation and a sublaxation of a joint?
Dislocation: completely displacement
Subluxation: partial displacement
Whic grade fracture has the highest incidence of osteomyelitis and nonunion
Grade 3 which are greater than 1 cm in length, or grossly contaminated, or associated with comminuted fractures and vascular injury
describe the different types of open fractures
Grade 1 open fractures have wounds less than 1cm in length,
grade 2 wounds are greater than 1cm, but clean w/o devitalization of tissue;
grade 3 are greater than 1 cm in length, or grossly contaminated, or associated with comminuted fractures and vascular injury.
What are common complications of musculoskeletal injuries
ARDS (fat embolism)
Ectopic bone formation
Nerve compression
Compartment Syndrome
What is compartment syndrome?
Increased pressure within one or more fascial compartments so that vascular perfusion is compromised.
What type of cartilage makes up the symphysis pubis?
Name the 4 types of bone cells that participate in formation and maintenance of bone tissue
osteogenic cells
What hormone is thought to reduce the number and resorptive function of the osteoclasts?
Give an example of a sesamoid bone
T/F All limb joints are synovial diarthroidal joints, which are enclosed in a joint cavity containing synovial fluid
Enlarged or deformed bones, hearing loss and an elevated alkaline phosphatase level
Paget's disease