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The Cephalic vein tracks up the lateral forearm and arm and lies in the grove of the Deloid and Pectoralis Major muscles and then pass deep to
Axillary vein
The deep veins generally accompany arteries, so hand veins drain on what course?
drain to the Radial and Ulna veins join at elbow to form 2 Brachial veins and then they join into the axillary vein which changes it's name to the Subclavian vein after crossing the first rib.
AT the elbow, what vein forms a communication between the Cephalic and Basilic veins?
Median Cubital vein
The veins leading into the upper limb consist of superficial and deep veins. True or False?
As the the Axillary artery continues into the arm it becomes?
the Brachial artery and further divides into the Ulna and Radial arteries
The superfiacial veins for drainage starting at the hand are found in the subcutaneous tissue on the dorsal aspect and consist of:
Cephalic (laterally)
Basilic (medially)
The Basilic vein gains acess to the anterior surface of the forearm just below the elbow continues on the anteromedial aspect of the arm then passes deep and becomes what vein
The Axillary vein
Nerves of the upper limb are derived from?
Ventral Rami of lower 4 cervical (C5 to C8) and the first thoracic (T1) spinal nerves
The chief artery of the upper limb is the?
Subclavian Artery
Muscles in the Forearm are divided into what muscle masses
Flexor (anteromedial and
Extensor (posterolateral)
After crossing the 1 st rib the Subclavian artery changes it's name to:
Axillary artery