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pressure to the elbow causes damage to the and results in
ulnar nerve, numbness to ring and fifth finger
damage to the ..nerve results in wrist drop from putting pressure behind the arm
forehead numbnes results from damage to the
superorbital nerve
numbness of lateral aspect of thigh and knee results from damage to ..from..
lateral femoral cutaneous nerve with damage caused by pressure over anterior iliac crest in prone/lateral
numbness of anterior thigh and medial aspect of lower leg is caused by damage to ..nerve from ..
femoral from pressure to groin of dependent leg in lateral position
foot drop is caused by damage to ..nerve from
peroneal from pressure below head of fibula
ankle nerve damage can result from
esmarch pressure
...hip fractures have the most blood loss
...hip fractures have the least blood loss
advantages of regional vs. general anes for ortho
improved post of analgesia
decreased inc of ponv
less resp and cardiac depression
improved perfusion because of symp nervous sys block
decreased intraop blood loss
blood flow distribution to large caliber vessels
locally decreased venous pressure
decreaed blood pressure
succ can be given of spinal cord injury
within 48 hrs
....below the level of spinal cord transection causes patients to become poikilothermic
loss of vaconstriction
an important component of anes. managment is preservation of spinal cord blood flow.....should be avoided
autonomic hyperreflexia occurs in ...% of patients with cord transection above
85% with cord transection above T5
the baroreceptor reflex associated with Ahyperreflexia is
paroxysmal hypertension with bradycardia
chacterisitic of autonomic hyper reflexia is cutanous...below and ...above the level of transection
cutanous vasoconstriction below and vasodilation above the level of transection
brachial plexus injury can be avoided during prone positioning by
rotating the head toward the abducted arm
cervical laminectomy is most performed with patients in the
prone position
incidence of parapalegia is... with scoliosis correction
somatosensory evoked potentials reflect...of the spinal cord supplied by
dorsal supplied by the posterior spinal artery
motor evoked potentials reflect the...pathways supplied by
motor supplied by anterior spinal artery
signs of venous air embolus
unexplained hypotension and an increase in end tidal nitrogen concentration
prolonged anesthesia in the upper extremity prevents/not discharge
..block introduces the possiblility of a pneumothorax which presents ..hrs after dc
supraclavicular, 6-12 hrs.
there is a...% pulmonary function loss w an intrascalne block
a ..block is used most often for hand surgery
brachial plexus, axillary approach
level of blockade of the infraclavicular block
..block is unsuitable for office procedures
..blocks lead to phrenic nerve paralysis
interscalene, supraclavicular
..blocks can be used for shoulders
duration of a femoral block is
12 -18 hrs
tourniquets to prevent bleeding should be ..above for legs and..above for UE
100 mm HG for LE, 50 mm HG for UE
clinical lab symp for fat embolus occu ..hrs after injury
12 to 40
major fat embolus symptoms are
axillary of subconjuctival petichae
cns depression
pulmonary edema
INR target for hip surgery is
...% of ortho patients develop a DVT
INR for catheter removal is
pts on periop anticoagulants are not good canditates for neuraxial anes becuase of
possible development of spinal or epidural hematoma
treatment for a spinal hematoma is
immediate decompressive laminectomy
pulmonary artery monitoring in patients undergoing bilateral hip arthroplasties reliably signals a rise in pulmonary artery pressures above normal of
fat emoblism
normal is 200 dyn x s x cm -5
if atlantooccipital instability in pts with RA then intubation should be peformed with fiberoptic guidance
5 mm
epidural needles should not be placed w/in ..hrs of heparin or ..hrs with lmw
6-8 heparin and 12-24 for lmw
thromboemolic complications are reduced with neuraxial anes by
sympathectomy induced increase in lower extremity venous blood flow, sytemic antiinflammatory effects of local anes., attenuated postoperative increase in factor 8, decrease in antithrombin III, decreased platelet activity and alterations in stress hormones
triad for fat embolism diagnosis
petichae, dyspnea, confusion
clinical manifestations of bone cement syndrome
dysrthythmias, hypoxia, pulmonary hypertension (increased pulmonary vascular resistance), and decreased cardiac output.
tourniquet pain is highest with ...and lowest with
iv regional anes and lowest with ga
spinal cord compression in RA may be caused by
atlantooccipital sublaxation