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numen, numinis, n
divine will, divinity; god
reccido, reccidere, reccidi, reccasurus
to fall back, sink back
quisquis, quidquid
any who, whoever, whatever
ambages, ambagum, f pl
long winded, obscure or evasive speech; a circuitous path
sino, sinere, sivi, situs
to allow, permit
os, oris, n
mouth, speech
opacus, a, um
shaded; shadowy, dark, dim
Tartara, orum, n pl
villosus, a, um
shaggy, hairy
colubra, ae, f
serpent, snake
terni, ae, a
three, three at a time
Medusaeus, a, um
Of Medusa (the gorgon whose hair consisted of living serpents) (in text: resembling Medusa)
guttur, gutturis, n
monstrum, i,n
omen, portent; monster
vincio, vincire, vinxi, vinctus
to bind, tie up
coniunx, coniugis, m/f
calco (1)
to trample; to tread, step on
venenum, i, n
a potent herb; poison, venom
vipera, ae, f
viper, serpent
diffundo, diffundere, diffudi, diffusus
to pour widely; to pour into, diffuse
crescentes annos
her budding years
patior, pati, passus sum
to endure
nego (1)
to deny
superus, a, um
above, high
notus, a, um
auguror (1)
to foretell by augury; to intuit, sense, surmise
fama, ae, f
news, report; tradition, story
vetus, veteris
old, ancient
mentior, mentiri, mentitus sum
to lie, to invent, fabricate
citus, a, um
swift, early
silentium, i, n
fatum, i, n
prphecy; destiny, fate; Fate (as a deity); doom, death
genus, generis, n
birth, origin, race
iustus, a, um
lawful, legitimate; rightful, proper, deserved
maturus, a, um
ripe, advanced in age
perago, peragere, peregi, peractus
to chase; to complete; to go through (space or time); to live out, complete ( a period of time)
posco, poscere, poposci
to ask, demand
usus, us, m
use, employment; the right ot use or enjoy; potential for use, utility; marriage
venia, ae, f
favor, kindness, blessing, forgiveness, pardon; reprieve, remission
letum, i, n
death, destruction