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These researchers proposed a mechanism for gradual change in species in the 1850s.
Darwin and Wallace
This mechanism for evolution says that life changes because creatures over-produce: they vary; some variations provide an advantage; variations are inheriable, so advantageous ones are passed on more often.
Natural Selection
This is the name of the ship aboard which Darwin served as naturalist.
H.M.S Beagle
This term refers to a fator that can lead to "speciation," and usually results from geographical or physical developments that cause barriers or distance between members of a species.
Reproductie Isolation
This trial tested a Tennesse Law banning the theory of evolution from high school classrooms. Where was it?
Scopes Trial. Dover, PA
This writer argued in THE GENESIS FLOOD that the earth and life on it were created in six 24-hour days.
Henry Morris
Tis English clergyman proposed ending help to poor children to discouragethe population disaster he predicted if they continued to reprodce.
Thomas Malthus
These industrialists promosted Social Darwinism in the United States.
Rockefeller, Kallog, Carnegie
This Egnlish sociologist opposed social welfare measures because he thought the lower classes were inferior and should not be allowed to hamper the chances of the upper, "fitter" classes.
Herbert Spenser.
This scientist attempted to put the history of the universe in familar terms.
Carl Sagan
This poet, in the face of a friend's death, wonders whether humans will become extinct as the geological record shows other animals have.
Lord Alfred Tennyson
This Victorian writer argued that the earth only appears old and that "fossils" were placed on earth to test our faith.
This Victorian clergyman, in THE PENTATUCH AND THE BOOK OF JOSHUA CRITICALLY EXAMINED, concluded that the first five books of the Bible could not be seen as historically accurate.
Bishop Colenso
This author warned that pesticides could change habitts faster than animals can adapt.
Rachel Carson
This is the name of the twin babies the monkeys sent to the farmer in the Yoruba myth about twins.
This hypothesis suggests that the earth as an interdependent whole is alive, self-maintaining, and self-regulating, like a "super" organism.
This pesticide was intended to control agriculturaly harmful insects, but it actually created armies of resistant bugs.
This scientist believe that giraffes had long necks because they had to stretch to reach the trees. What is this theory called?
Lamark. Aquired Characteristics