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germany, austria-hungary, and Csar Russia
Three Emporer's League
1875 Bismarck decides who gets what territory and presents this to congress
Congress of Berlin
secret treaty/diplomacy basically germany and russia agree to stay neutral
Reassurance Treaty
"Kaiser" dismisses bismarck and starts new policy.
William II
plan for 2 front war, france 1st then russia
schliffon plan
1868 new rise of empire in japan, starts industrializing
a great admirer of Bismarck
Ito Hirobumi
union naval captain in civil war.
more technology
the glut theory
looked at as a worldly hero.imperialist, naval historian..
Theodore Roosevelt
the only way you can give man shipment to a state
the linn carol
triple entente vs central powers
arch duke to austrian throne.
franz ferdinand