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Big Bang Theory
theory that states that the universe began with an explosion of a concentrated pinpoint of matter
Closed Universe Theory
theory that states that the universe will end with gravity pulling everything toward the center of the universe
Open Universe Theory
theory that states that the universe will continue to expand until the stars run out of fuel. Then, the universe will end in total darkness.
the distance light travels in a year; it is a measurement of distance, NOT time
another way to measure the universe; one parsec equals 3.26 light-years
the apparent change in the position of a star based on background stars and two or more observations
created first during the Big Bang, and therefore is the farthest away from the center of the universe
3 pieces of evidence supporting the Big Bang
1. Quasars- created first, they're on the rim of the universe
2. The universe is moving away from the center
3. Heat is evenly spread troughout the universe
Gravity's role in the Origin of the Universe
Pushed all newly created matter out away from the center
One light-year equals ____________ miles
6 trillion
Light travels 186,000 ________ per second
The universe is how old?
about 20 billion years old
The Universe is going through a what shift?
a red shift
Two things that influence parallax
1. Distance between sighting points
2. Distance between star and observer