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Total number of students enrolled
Number of undergraduate students
Number of graduate students
Number of international students
Number of countries represented by international students
Number of out of state students
Number of states represented by out of state students
Size of enrollment ranking in the State of Michigan
4th: WMU

1st: MSU
2nd: UofM
3rd: Wyne State
Number/Percentage Minority students
2,560 (9%)
Students living in the residence halls
Percent of on campus students who live in campus apartments
Percent of all students living on campus
Number of degree programs
Total: 254
Bachelors: 152
Masters: 71
Specialist: 2
Doctoral: 29
Students by gender
Male: 12,504 (48%)
Female: 13,735 (52%)
Number of faculty and staff
Name all the academic colleges (8)
college of aviation
college of education
college of arts & sciences
college of fine arts
college of health & human services
college of engineering
college of business
Lee Honors college
Current WMU President
Dr. Judith I. Bailey
Past WMU Presidents
1. Dwight B. Waldo
2. Dr. Paul V. Sangren
3. Dr. James M. Miller
4. Dr. John T. Bernhard
5. Dr. Diether H Haenicke
6. Dr. Elson S. Floyd
Who is the Provost and VP for Academic Afairs
Daniel M. Litynski
Who is the VP for Business & Finance
Robert M. Beam
Who is the VP for Student Affairs & Dean of Students
Diane K. Anderson
Who is the VP for research
Jack R. Luderer
Who is the VP for Information Technolofy and Chief information Officer
Viji Murali
Who is VP for Development
Bud Bender
Who is VP for Legal Affairs & General ounsel
Carol Hustoles
Who is VP for legislative Affairs
Gegory Rosine
What are the 3 Major Computer labs
University Computing Center, Bernhard Center, Schneider Hall
Kruglak Sundial
Designed and named after a retired physics professor; built in 1985