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What regulation governs the management of the CAP Cadet Program?
CAPR 52-16
How many achievements are in the cadet program?
How many phases are in the cadet program?
What are the moral leadership requirements for Phase II?
Be a recorder and discussion leader once during Phase II
What is the CAP motto?
Semper Vigilans
How many categories are there in the Cadet Physical Fitness Program?
Name the milestone awards.
Wright Brothers, Mitchell, Earhart, Eaker, Spaatz
What is the proper abbreviation for cadet second lieutenant?
C/2d Lt
When was CAP founded?
December, 1941
What Public Law made CAP the auxiliary of the US Air Force?
Public Law 557 on May 26, 1948
What are the three primary missions of CAP?
Cadet Programs, Aerospace Education, and Emergency Services
How many regions are there in CAP?
8, Northeast, Middle East, Southeast, Great Lakes, Southwest, North Central, Rocky Mountain, Pacific
How many wings in CAP are there?
How many achievements must you complete every year in the cadet program?
What publication governs the Cadet Program Physical Fitness program?
CAPP 52-18
What publication describes the wear of the uniform in CAP?
CAPM 39-1
Name the four categories in the cadet physical fitness program.
There are four categories: Category 1 – Unrestricted, Category 2 - Temporarily restricted, Category 3 - Partially restricted, Category 4 - Indefinitely restricted
Who was the first National Commander of CAP?
Major General John F. Curry
Name all the phases are in the cadet program?
Four Phases: Phase I - The Learning Phase; Phase II - The Leadership Phase; Phase III - The Command Phase; Phase IV - The Executive Phase
How soon can you complete an achievement?
2 months between achievements
Who was the Carl Spaatz Award named after?
General Carl A. Spaatz was the first Chief of Staff of the US Air Force and first Chairman of the Board for CAP 1948-1959
The Earhart Award was named after what aviatrix?
Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic
Who was CAP's founder?
Gill Robb Wilson
What emblem was CAP's 3-bladed propeller emblem taken from?
The Civil Defense Emblem, it has the same blue circle, white triangle and red letter/symbol insert.
When was the inception of the Cadet Program?
October 1942 in Minnesota
How many German U-boats did CAP sink during World War II?
What public law incorporated CAP?
Public Law 476 on July 1, 1946
Where is CAP National Headquarters located?
Maxwell AFB, AL
What Air Force major command assists CAP in fulfilling its role as an official auxiliary of the Air Force?
Air Education and Training Command
What are the three types of squadrons in CAP?
Senior, Composite and Cadet Squadrons
What are the echelons from CAP National Headquarters on down?
Region, Wing, Group, Squadron and Flight
What are CAP's core values?