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what does the cell membrane do?
where is it located?
Protects cell, allows certain materials in and out, & responds to changes in enviornment outside of cell.
outside covering of cell.
what does cytoplasm do? and where is it located?
soup like substance in cell
contains most of cell's enzymes and water- cellular metabloism takes place.
what is the nucleus?? and where is it located?
located in the center of cell
power-house of the cell. controls the functi0ons of the other organells in the cell. has nuclear membrane.
DNA-what is it?? and where is it located?
located inside the nucleus.
hold genetic info about the cell. passed by parent then copied into new cells.
Nucelolus- what is it and where is it located??
located in nuleus
produces ribosomes
Chlororplasts- what is and where is it located?
lacted in cell- fluid filled sacs.
site where photosynthesis takes place. only in plant cells.
Mitochondria-what is it??
uses oxygen to PRODUCE ENERGY known as atp. abundent in cells and requires energy.
Vacules- what does it do??and what does it contain??
acts likea container-single membrane surrounding a soild or liquid.
contains food, water, aminoacids, sugars, proteins.
endoplasmic rectiellum (ER)- what do they do???
transport materials through the cell
Ribosomes- what are they what do they do?? and where are they located??
they are located on the ER small dot-like things... they break down the protiens in the cells.
made by the NUCELOLUS
golgi apparatus- what do they do ?
it's the shipping department!!!!
modify lipids and proteins. packages materials to be exported from cell.
Vesicles- what are they?? and where did they come from??
they came from the golgi-pinched off. they are the *packages* that the golgi sends out.
packages containing diff. substances that carry those substances to other parts of the cell or to outside of the cell.