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Palpitations, S.O.B., worse on exertion, fatigue, fullness of chest, poor memory, pale face, spontaneous sweating
Deficiency of Heart QI

Pale tongue, white coating

empty pulse
palpittion, lassitude, cold limbs, pale face, fullness or pain in chest, aversion to cold sponteous sweating, dislike talking
Heart Yang deficiency

Pale, swollen tongue

deep pulse
palpitations, insomnia, poor memory, dizziness, pale face & lips, night sweating
Heart Blood deficiency

pale tongue

thin-weak or thin rapid pulse
palpitation, irritability, heat sensation in the palms& soles, malar flush/tidal fever / afternoon fever, night sweating, insomnia, dream-disturbed sleep, dry throat poor memory
Heart Yin Deficiency

red-peeled tongue
thread-rapid pulse
palpitation, intermittent cardiac pain which may refer into shoulder & arm (severe cases cyanosis of the face, lips & nails with cold limbs, spontaneous sweating) ( / or pain in heart region, which may radiate into arm)
Stagnation of heart blood

purple dark tongue or purplish spots

thread hesitant pulse or missed beat
mental restlessness, insomnia, flushed face, thirst, ulceration, pain of the mouth & tongue, hot & deep yellow urine; hesitant & painful urination in severe cases
Hyperactivity of Heart Fire

red-peeled tongue

rapid pulse
mental depression & dullness or incoherent speech, weeping & laughing without a proper reason, or sudden collapse, coma, or gurgling with sputum in the throat
Phlegm misting the heart

white tongue with sticky coating

rolling (slippery) & stringy pulse
all various mental symptoms ( derangement of the mind, mania, agressive, violent behavior), insomnia, dream-disturb sleep, constipation, deep-ellow urine
Phlegm-fire disturbing the heart

yellow tongue, sticky coating

rolling, rapid,forceful pulse
Cough with mucoid sputum, no thirst, nasal obstruction, watery discharge, chills and fever, no sweating, headache
Wind-cold invading Lungs

thin, white tongue

superficial, tense pulse
Cough with yellow, purulent sputum, thirst, sore throat, fever, aversion to wind & cold, headache
WInd-heat invading lung

Thin tongue, yellow coating

Superficial, rapid pulse
Cough with much frothy or white sputum, fullness & stuffiness in chest, gurgling with sputum in throat, S.O. B. or asthmatic breathing; orthopenia in severe cases
Phelgm-dampness in lungs

white tongue, sticky coating

rolling pulse
cough with asthmatic and coarse breathing; flapping of ala nasi in severe cases; yellow, thick sputum or expectoration of foul smelling bloody pus; chest pain while coughing, dryness of the mouth, yellow urine, constipation
Heat-phlegm clogging (retention) in lung

red tongue, yellow, sticky coating

rolling, rapid pulse
feeble cough, S.O.B., worse on exertion, clear dilute sputum, lassitude, lack of desire to talk, low voice, aversion to wind, frigid appearance, spontaneous sweating
Lung Qi deficiency

pale tongue, thin white coating

weak pulse
Cough with small amount of sticky sputum, or cough with blood-tinged sputum; dryness of the mouth & throat, afternoon fever, malar flush, ngith sweating, heat sensation in the palms & soles
Deficiency of Lung Yin

red tongue, small amount of coating

thready, rapid pulse