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What color of arrow means right of way into the intersection, and after looking for traffic proceed.
You have the right of way with a green light. Look first.
Ahead the stoplight is flashing red. You know to....
A flashing red light means stop.
When seen in a stoplight
Green means_____________
Red means_______________
Yellow means____________
Green = Go
Red = Stop
Yellow = Slow or stop
Headlights must be turned on between what two times?
Use your lightw between sunset and sun rise.
When is it legal to use parking lights?
Use your parking lights only when parked.
What would you do for a flashing yellow light?
A flashing yellow light means proceded with caution.
The steady yellow light is shining in the stoplight. You see it so you begin to..
A steady yellow light means slow and stop.
A green arrow is showing together with a red traffic light? Is it OK to turn without stopping?
With a green arrow, you can turn without stopping.
Is it legal or Illeagle to have bright lights or intense fog lights on when passing other vehicles?
It's illegal ( NOT LEGAL ) to use bright or fog lightw when passing cars.
What does the basic rule say about driving and speed
The basic rule says to: drive safely and adjust to road conditions.
Name 2 ways to let other drivers know where you are.
To get attention.
Honk your horn
Flash your lights
What do solid white lines mean?
White lines often mean a bike lane or the side of the road. They should be crossed only with caution.
What do 2 solid yellow lines mean?
2 solid yellow lines mean no passing for both directions of travel.
A broken yellow center line means...
A broken connector line means one or more lines traveling in opposite directions.
If you see yellow diagonal lines ahead, what do they mean?
Diagional lines mean islands or fixed objects in the road.
How does the color of the lines on roads help you?
The color of the lines on roads can tell you which direction traffic moves.
What do solid yellow lines mean?
Solid yellow means a no passing zone.
What do white dashed lines mean?
White dashed lines mean speed lanes going the same direciton.
When you drive defenseively it means that you ........
Driving devensively means avoiding accidents caused by other drivers or poor conditions.
You are driving past Miller Elementary school. How fast should you be driving?
Around schools you drive 20 Miles per hour
All around the car you see one business after another. How fast can you drive in a business area?
In business area drive 20 Miles per hour.
When you drive to avoid accidents inspite of other drivers mistakes or poor driving conditions, how are you driving?
You are driving defensively when you avoid accidents in spite of others mistakes.
How many seconds behind a car should you be under normal conditions?
You should be 2 seconds behind is a good safety decision.
Which red light must even a ambualance stop for?
A ambualance must stop for a school bus with red lights.
You don't see a speed sign but you are in a residental area. You must drive _____ miles per hour
In residental areas drive 25 miles per hour.
How fast should you drive on a rural inerstate? On a interstate the city (urban)?
rural intersatate--65 MPH
What rule states that you must drive reasonably,carefully,and prudently at times on all roads and highways?
The basic rule states that you must drive reasonably and carefully at all times.
How fast should you drive in a park?
in a park--drive 25 MPH
You can pass on the right when the car in front is turning left if you stay on the pavement. T or F
TRUE only if you stay on the pavement, you can pass on the right if the guy in front is turning left.