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What operation would you perform first in math?
perform all operations that are in parentheses
What would you do first?
What is the answer?
a. 7x6
b. 47
True or False?
Always perform division before multiplication.
What would you do first? How would you solve this problem?(3-1)X 2 +6 x 1=
a. I would first do the operations that are in parentheses.
b. 10
Please explain how you remember the order of operations?
Please ( ), Excuse, My X, Dear /, Aunt +, Sally -
how would you solve this problem?
2 x 2 x (4 -3)x (6 - 4)=
a. solve the operations in()
b. solve from left to right.
c. 8
Give an example of 3 integers?
-1, 1, 2 or many different answers.
What is a prime number?
A number that only has factors that are 1, and the number itself.
Give an example of 3 prime numbers
3, 5, 7 and any other answer that only has factors of 1 and the number itself.
Name all the factors between 20 and 30?
23, 29.