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In oral surgery, establishing and maintaining the chain of asepsis for a procedure indicates that the instruments, surgical drapes, and gloved hands of the surgical team be sterile.
Surgical Scrub
Procedure used to lessen the number of organisms on a person's hands in case of a tear or break in the surgical gloves.
To dislocate a tooth from it's socket.
Process in which tissue is removed and examined to distinguish malignancies from other non-malignant lesions in the oral cavity
Complex Extraction
When conditions require additional skill knowledge, and instrumentation to remove a tooth. AKA Impacted tooth.
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
Dentist who specialized in surgeries of the head and neck region.
Surgical reduction and reshaping of the alveolar ridge.
Failure of the healing process also known as a dry socket.
Soft Tissue Impaction
Oral condition in which a tooth is partially to fully covered gy gingival tissue.
Preoperative Instruction
Instructions provided verbally and written to the patient and individual accompanying he/she for the total recovery period.