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Name 2 brand names for lidocaine
xylocaine, octocaine
acetaminophen (Tylenol)
When drugs produce similar concentrations of the drug in the blood & tissues, they are...
biologically (and therefore therpeutically) equivalent
Which drugs in dentistry are most likely to provoke allergic rxns?
penicillins, aspirin and NSAIDs
Which type of hypersensitivity is a cell-mediated or delayed? Also called "contact allergy."
Type IV
What is OBRA? What did it require?
Omnibus Budget Reconcilian Act of 1990. Required pharmacists to provide patient counseling and a review of the history of a drug for Medicaid recipients
T/F: The FDA prohibits the false advertising of foods, OTC drugs, and cosmetics.
F. That's the FTC
T/F: The FDA oversees the manufacture of certain medical devices including latex gloves
What's the top-selling class of drugs (worldwide and domestic)?
lipid-lowering "statins"
These drugs are VERY expensive and treat autoimmune disorders, side effects of cancer/chemotherapy
biotech drugs
"Blockbuster drugs"
Drugs with over $1billino annual sales. Latest count there were 82 of these drugs (7 were anti-cancer)