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Appointed Leader
a person designated before the discussion begins
Emergent Leader
a form of leadership in shich one or another of the group members will handle each function of leadership
listeners personal needs, drives, & desires
Name 3 things to prepare for your employment
1. Know about the company
2. Dress nice
3. Think through the question
When was the peak of radio & film?
Radio-30's & 40'S
Victor Fleming
Wizard of Oz
Gone With the Wind
Topical order for major points
"family" groupings
Twofoot bubble
the space around you
Putting major points in family groupings
Dewey's Reflective Process
1. Develop awareness
2. Explore problem
3. Suggest solutions
4. Discuss solution
5. Find a plan
Spatial relationship
space that is most comfortable between 2 people
3 Characteristics of Mass Communication
1. Reach large audiences who are not present
2. Turn off sender at will
3. Change the message or switch channels
4 big name studioes in the 30's & 40's
1. MGM-'24
2. 20th Century Fox -'35
3. Paramount-'12
4. Warner Bros.- '23
the ways in which you say words
theory of editing
"Odessa Steps Sequesnce"