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Development of the Face occurs during
the first trimester, Weeks 3-12
Embryonic Period
1st 2 Calendar Months, 0-8 Weeks
Fetal Period of First Trimester
9-12 Weeks
Lunar Months
Pregnancy is 10 Lunar Months, 9 Calendar Months
4th Week of Development
Embryo Folding
3mm Crown-Rump Length
Embryo Folding
-Embryo curls @ edges
-Rapid Growth of Forebrain & heart region (pericardial sac)
4th-5th Week of Development
Stomodeum Develops
-Oral Cavity (Fold btw forebrain & pericardial sac)
-Placodes develop
fold btw forebrain/pericardial sac, in oral cavity (lined w/ectodermal tissue), back of this region has buccopharyngeal membrane
5th Week of Development
Membrane dissolves, foregut continues into oral cavity, face grows btw forebrain & periocardial sac
1st Branchial Arch/Mandibular Arch
5th Week, btw forebrain & Pericardial sac, first cranial swelling that proliferates bilaterally, mandibular arch & frontonasal process
Mandibular Arch gives rise to
Midface (maxilla, zygomatics)
Lower Face (mandible)
Frontonasal Process gives rise to
Forehead, Nose, Eyes, Ears
2nd Branchial Arch
5th Week, two bones of middle ear
4th-5th Week, Olfactory, Ocular, Otic (hearing)
Development of the Nose
4th-5th Week, Gives rise to the palate, distinction of placodes, placodes sink, bridge of nose & upper lip develop
Mandible is formed by
5th week, bilateral swelling of 1st branchial arch
Maxilla is formed by
5th week, 2 buds/shoots of posterior mandibular arch
5th-6th Weeks of Development
6mm CRL, time of growth, groove btw eyes, clefts btw all processes, downward/forward growth of face until grooves disappear
5th-7th Weeks of Development:
Expanding Head
1st-Groove btw mandibular arch disappears @ 5 wks, 2nd-Grooves btw maxillary & medial (nose bridge) processes disappear @ 7 weeks
Cleft chin if 1st mandibular arch groove doesn't disappear
Cleft palate/lip if max&med process grooves don't disappear
*2 wks - max & man meet @ midline
8th Week of Development
Human Face has developed
5th-6th Weeks of Development: Oral Cavity
Primitive Palate develops, single strand of tissue, formed by medial/nasal process and maxillary process, becomes upper lip (premaxilla)
area around incisive foramen, incisor region helps form the upper lip
7th-12th Weeks of Development
Definitive Palate formed by 2 shelf-like structures that grow inside the stomodeum, lateral shelves drop & form palatine suture
Nasal placode sinks in
Eyes rotate to front of head
inability in rotatin of eyes toward front of head
i.e. fetal alcohol syndrome
i.e. down's syndrome
9th-12th Weeks
Everything is preformed in cartilage (meckel's and condocranial)
Meckel's Cartilage
grows together into 1st branchial arch, guide for mandible which lays over cartilage later
Condocranial Cartilage
In maxillary process as it grows towards the midline, grows into nasal capsule, provides basis for cranial base
development of facial organs
9th-40th Weeks of Pregnancy
Ossification & growth of what was laid down in the Embryonic Period
By 9th Week of Development
Fully formed face
one who studies birth defects