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What type of database is Oracle 8i or 9i?
Object Relational DBMS
Hierarchial, network, relational or object relational?
What is a database
An organized collection of information
What is definition of relational database
It uses relations or 2-dimensional tables to store information
X-dim tables to store what
What are the key components of an ERD
Entities, Attributes, Relationships
What are the boxes, and lines called?
What is another word for a row in a table
Tuple or Record
What is another name for table column?
What is a foreign key?
It is a column that defines how tables relate to each other
What does SQL stand for?
Structured Query Language
What does RDBMS do?
- Manage the storage and definition of data
- Control and restrict data access and concurrency
- Provide backup and recovery
- Interpret SQL and PL/SQL statements
Define an object
An object is a concept, abstrations, or thing with crisp boundaries and meaning for the problem at hand - James Rumbaugh
What is PL/SQL?
- An extension to SQL with design features of programming languages
- Data manipulation and query statements of SQL included within procedural units of code