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This tablespace stores important internal structures such as the data dictionary, the system stored procedures, and the system rollback segments.
Unless you specify otherwise, the SYSTEM tablespace will be used as the default for
all database users
is the lowest logical layer of the Oracle data structure. Consists of one or more datafiles
Tablespaces can hold any one of four types of segments. This type of segment, which is the basic type, can be used to hold tables and clusters.
Tablespaces can hold any one of four types of segments. This type of segment is used to hold indexes.
Tablespaces can hold any one of four types of segments. This special type of segment is used to store undo information.
This special type of segment is used to store undo information. This type of segment is used for storing temporary data.
a)what is the name of the graphical utility used to create tablespaces? b)What is the name of the command line utility to create tablespaces?
a)oracle storage manager, b)server manager
What's the maxim number of datafiles a tablespace can contain?
What kind of parameter specifies how a tablespace is used?
storage parameter
this parameter defines the characteristics of the tablespace and how the tablespace grows
Can more than one datafile make up a tablespace?
Which method of taking a tablespace offline is this? All available datafiles are checkpointed; can occur even if a datafile is unavailable
Which method of taking a tablespace offline is this? Checkpoints all datafiles; all datafiles must be available and functioning properly
which form of taking a tablespace offline is this? Datafiles are not checkpointed
this process automatically coalesces tablespaces (defragmenting extents), unless the process has been disabled
The ALTER TABLESPACE ADD DATAFILE command creates datafiles in what fashion?
Enter the command to efficiently create datafiles in parallel
alter tablespace add datafile
Which parameter is used to take the tablespace offline and defer all writes to the datafiles while backup is taking place?
begin backup
Enter the parameter to specify that redo log information is kept on table, index, and partition operations.
Enter the command that will bring the cats tablespace offline without checkpointing.
alter tablespace cats
offline immediate;
This tablespace clause is very important because it is used to specify the initial size and characteristics of the tablespace as well as the future growth of that tablespace.
Within the tablespace storage clause, this specifies the size of extents after the second extent (that is, from the third extent on).
within the tablespace storage clause, what is the default value for the pctincrease? what is the default value for pctincrease relating to rollback segments?
50, 0
linked list of available data blocks in the extent that have free space greater than PCTFREE. These are essentially lists of blocks that are available for inserts.
By having more than one of these, you can reduce contention on inserts.
What parameter is used with the OPTIMAL parameter to specify that the rollback segments never shrink?
Complete the STORAGE clause command to specify the initial size of the extents at 150K.
storage initial 150k
The DEFAULT STORAGE clause is used for the creation of?
Complete the STORAGE command to specify an initial extent size of 5M, the next extent size of 2M, and the size of all subsequent extents also to be 2M.
default storage
initial 5M NEXT 2M PCTIncrease 0
Complete the command to make dogs a read-only tablespace
alter tablespace dogs readonly;
What are temporary tablespaces used for?
Performing sort operations that cannot fit into memory
is the resource from which the schema objects obtain their space.
Think of this as a file system on a set of disk drives. The space is there and allocated, but is not used until somebody creates a file or saves some data.
What is the application you use to determine whether I/O balancing is a problem?
performance monitor