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come blow your horn
born on Sunday
sailed into port
How short?
snort like a pig
was a poor sport
became very torn
a torn card
the north pole
pulling the cord
three pork chops
an old Ford car
rode a gray horse
the burning torch
cork the bottle
a sporting chance
forming a circle
were sworn in
corn on the cob
a small fork
building a fort
through the storm
force the latch
became a force
sorting the yarn
lord of the jungle
lighting the torch
ford the stream
a sharp pitchfork
is playing shortstop
flying over the airport
the first rainstorm
forming a friendship
ate roast pork
needs a passport
ate some shortcake
a small carport
a snorting pig
escort to the dance
ate popcorn and Milk Duds
was sworn to tell the truth
the old coat was worn
from an acorn to an oak
used the bullhorn
saw the unicorn
reported to school
went to the resort
show your support
the lord and the lady
the flying stork
sang in the chorus
had a tutor
couldn't afford
was ordinary
enforced the rules
the tornado hit
were fortunate
on a black horse
heard the storm
shucking the corn
sort the cards
should not force
orbiting around the sun
the iron scorched the cloth
went forth alone
felt forlorn
honor your parents
reinforced the dam
stark raving mad
a sporting chance
a sporting chance
driving the sports car
adorned with gems
the thorns hurt
in the morning
north to Alaska