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A patient presents with an R anterior innominate. In order to properly perform ME, which way should you pull the ischial tuberosity?
You should pull the ischial tuberosity anteriorly while flexing and aDducting the hip.
A patient presents with a L posterior innominate. How should you position yourself to perform Posterior Innominate ME?
Stand on L (involved side) and hold the opposite superior iliac spine
A patient presents with R innominate out-flare. You decide to treat with muscle energy. Which way should you pull the PSIS and how should the patient push against your resistance?
Pull PSIS laterally

Patient pushes knee laterally
A patient presents with R innominate in-fair. How should you set up a muscle energy tx?
-Stand on opposite side on inflair

-Hold opposite ASIS and have patient push knee medially against your resistance
You decide to perform anterior innominate HVLA on a patient with a right anterior innominate. How do you position the patient's right leg before performing the thrust?
patient on back

lift leg 30 degrees and slightly aBduct and INTERNALLY rotate

(posterior innominate thrust is basically the same except you don't lift 30 degrees)
How should you position a pt. for forward sacral torsion ME?
Patient is lying on axis side

CHEST DOWN (front down)

Legs hang off table (over your thigh)

Have them push feet toward ceiling
How should you position a pt. for backward sacral torsion ME?
Patient lies on axis side

BACK DOWN (on table)

Extend leg on table, flex top leg

Patient pushes flexed (top) knee toward ceiling
How should you treat a patient with unilateral sacral extension?
-patient lies face down

-RESIST sacral extension during inhalation

-push sacrum into flexion during exhalation
How should you treat a patient with unilateral sacral flexion?
-patient lies face down


-RESIST FLEXION during exhalation
What side does a patient lay on for Sacroiliac OMT?

- patient holds breath while you flex hip to barrier

-slowly aBduct and externally rotate to barrier

-maintain aBduction barrier and slowly extend hip fully