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Who acts as roving safety inspectors during their normal tours of a commaand?
Master-at-Arms Force
Routine inspection of all workspaces to identify hazardous conditions and/or unsafe work practices is a basic requirement of what program?
Who ensures that all workspaces are inspected annually for safety?
Safety Officer
What rank is assigned to perform safety inspections on a workspace?
an experience officer or chief petty officer
Who conducts NAVOSH and Environmental Protection (EP) assessments?
A combined NAVOSH/EP assessment will be conducted every ___ months?
Who orally reports unsafe or unhealthful working conditions to the chain of command?
All hands
Who provides an interim or final response in writing to the originator of the reported condition under the authority of the safety officer?
Safety officer
What program is designed to monitor the continuance of the health of individuals in the fleet?
Medical surveillance program
In regards to Hazard Severity, what is Category I?
In regards to Hazard Severity, what is category II?
In regards to Hazard Severity, what is category III?
In regards to Hazard Severity, what is category IV?
What is an expression of risk which combines the elements of hazard severity and mishap probability?
Risk Assessment Codes (RAC)
What is OPNAVINST 5100.19?
Navy Occupational SAfety and Health (NAVOSH) Program Manual for Forces Afloat