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Who is designated as the ORM program manager?
The XO oversees command ORM training and impletation.
Where can you download TRACS (Total Risk Assessment Control System)?
What is the concept of ORM?
A decision making tool used by personnel at all levels to increase operational effectiveness by identifying, assembling, and managing risks.
What is the 5 step process of ORM?
1. Identify Hazards
2. Assess Hazards
3. Make Risk Decisions
4. Implement Controls
5. Supervise
What are the 3 ORM process levels?
1. Time-Critical
2. Deliberate
3. In-Depth
An "on the run" mental or oral review of the situation using the five step process without recording the information on paper is what ORM process level?
Time - Critical
Application of the complete 5 step process, will aid in planning an operation or evaluation procedures is what ORM process level?
Deliberate process involving a very thorough risk assessment (first two of the five steps) is what ORM process level?
In - Depth
What are the 4 principles of ORM?
1. Accept risk when the benefits outweigh the cost
2. Accept no unnecessary risk
3. Anticipate and manage risk by planning
4. Make risk decisions at the right level
What is hazard severity?
An assessment of the worst credible consequences that can occur as a result of a hazard.
Category ____ - The hazard may cause death, loss of facility/asset or result in grave damage to national intrests.
Category I
category ____ - The hazard may cause severe injury, illness, property damage, damage to national or service intrests or degration to efficient use of assets.
Category II
Category ____ - The hazard may cause minor injury, illness, property damage, damage to national, service or command intrests or degration to efficient use of assets?
Category III
Category ____ - The hazard presents a minimal threat to personnel safety or health property, national, service or command intrests or efficient use of assets?
Category IV
______ ______ - The probability that a hazard will result in a mishap or loss?
Mishap Probability
Mishap Probability
Sub-category A -
Sub-category B -
Sub-category C -
Sub-category D -
A - Likely to occur
B - Probably will occur in time
C - May occur in time
D - Unlikely to occur
The Risk Assessment Code (RAC) is an expression of risks that combines the elements of _______ and ________ ?
Hazard Severity and Mishap Probability
RAC definitions:
1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -
1 - Critical risk
2 - Serious risk
3 - Moderate risk
4 - Minor risk
5 - Negligible risk
What is Operational Risk Management?
A process used to minimize risk to acceptable levels in a variety of situations.
During which step would you use certain measures to attemp to reduce the degree of risk?
Implement controls
During which step would you monitor the work/activity to ensure it is carried out as planned and continually reassess the hazards and the controls?
During which step would you identify conditions that may impede or degrade mission accomplishment?
Identify hazards
During which step would you determine a hazard's impact on the mission?
Assess the hazard
An expression in terms of severity and probability of possible loss or mission degration due to a hazard is known as __________.
The extent of mission degradation because the hazard produced a mishap, mission delay or stoppage is known as _________.
The likelihood that the hazard will produce a mishap, mission delay or stoppage otherwise degrade the mission is known as __________.
T or F, Step 5 (Supervise) can be summed up as: Try to plan ahead throughly and have backup plans and responses should situations change.
What step of the ORM process is to determine what control measures would most effectively lessen risks associated with each hazard.
Make risk decisions