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What is a unit bill?
Sets forth policy for assigning personnel to duties or stations for executing specific evolutions or accomplishing certain functions.
What does a unit bill consist of?
A preface- Stating the purpose, the assigned responsibility, and background.

A Procedure- Containing information and policies necessary to interpret the tabulated material
What are the Watch, Quarter, and Staion Bill? And what is it's primary purpose?
A composite of other bills and is the CO's summary of assignments of personnel duties.

To inform division personnel of the assignments.
What is the purpose of the administrative bills(berthing and locker bills)?
To establish uniform policies for assignment of berthing and locker facilities.
Who is responsible for the berthing and locker bill?
The personnel officer is responsible to the executive officer for maintaing the berthing and locker.
Who assign officers to staterooms according to grade and billet assignments?
The Wardroom mess treasurer/caterer
What do the head of departments do?
They supervise berthing for all divisions within the department and require compliance with assignments.