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The prototype, its a naturally occurring opium alkaloid, schedule II narcotic, parental or oral administration?
This drug is not used in clients w/ pain from pancreatic or biliary tract disease because of its spasm-producing effects?
Main action of this group of grugs is to prevent or relieve acute or chronic pain?
Specific conditions in which opioids aare used for analgesic effects?
MI, biliary colic, renal colic, burns and other tramatic injuries postop states,cancer, pulmonary edema
Contraindicated uses for opioids?
respiratory depression, chronic lung disease, prostate hypertrophy, increased intracranial pressure
After Iv injection max analgesia occurs w/in?(Morphine)
10-20 min
After Im injection, max analgesia occurs w/in?(Morphine)
30 min
After Sub-Q injection, max analgesia occurs w/in?(Morphine)
30-90 min
Duration of action for Morphine is?
5-7 hours
Half life for Morphine?
2-4 hrs
What forms of Morphine were deveploped to give orally which requires high dosing?
Roxanol(20mg/mL) and MS Contin(controlled-release tab-15mg/tab)
Oral administration of morphine is common for pain associated with?
MSIR, MS Contin, and Roxanol are brand names for what drug?
Alfenta,Sublimaze, Ultiva and Sufenta are brand names for what drugs?
alfentanil, fentanyl, remifentanil, and sufentanil
What are potent opioids agaonists with a short duration of action, most often used in anesthesia, ana have a high risk of respiratory depression and must only be used in an area where staff is equiped for emeergency care?
This drug produces weaker analgesic effects than morphine, is used for analgesic and antitussive effects, les likely to lead to abuse, often given w/ acetaminophen.
Half-life of this drug is 3hrs, onset is 15-30 min, and duration of action is 4-6 hrs
This drug is a synthetic derivative of MSO4 and a has the same action, contraindications, asverse effects as MSO4, but more potent
hydromorphone (Dilaudid)
This drug has on onset of action that is 15-30 min, and duration is 4-5 hrs and has less itiching and nausea when given epidurally?
Dilaudid (hydromorphid)
This drug is preferred for clients with renal and biliary colic?
Demerol (merpidine)
Generic name is meperdine, Brand name is?
This drug is recommended for short- term use, has little antitussive effect, requires more frequient administration than morphine, less Resp. Dep. in newborns when used for obestric analgesia, nad has a half life of 15-30 hours?
This drug is contraindicated for rx of cancer, clients who have had amphetamines w/in last 21days, those who use MAO inhibitors, produces serotonin syndrome
Generic name is methasone. Brand name is?
This drug is similar to MSO4 but has a longer duration of action. It is usually given orallym and it is used for severe pain and inthe detox and maintenance rx of opioid addicts?