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A-Delta Fibers
Immediate Sharp Pain
C Fibers
Prolonged burning pain
Neurogenic (Chronic) Pain
Peripheral Sensitization
Increased probability of activating sensory nerves due to plasticity.
More PKA/PKC in neuron increases liklihood of firing
Central Sensitization
Reduction in GABA transmission
Increase in glutamate
Treatment of Neurogenic Pain
Antidepressants(Tricyclics/SSRI)-Increase levels of NE and 5-HT
Anticonvulsants(Valproic Acid)-increase GABA levels, prolong the inactive state of Na+ channels
NSAID-reduce production of prostaglandins
Opioid Treatment Efficacy
Opioids are more effective in treating nociceptive pain because there are more opioid receptors in the pathway than in neurogenic
Opioid Receptors
u receptors
k receptors
y receptors
-All produce analgesia but abuse potential exists due to euphoric feeling from u receptor activation