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Optic pits first appear
Day 23
evagination of optic vesicle
Day 25
induction of the lens
Day 28
Embryonic fissure closespressurization of the globe; Begins midway & zips both directions on inf aspect of globe
Day 33
ectodermal cord buries in mesoderm btwn maxillary & lateral nasal processes
Day ~42
pupillary light reflex
week 30
ectodermal cord canalizes to lid margin & inferior meatus
month 3
myelination of ON sheath (completed at 1 m/o); starts at lat.genitculate ganglionlamina cribrosa
month 7
ocular length at term
fovea matures
4-6 mo old
EOM, Vascular endothelium, Schlemm’s canal, blood, small temp sclera
Neural crest
K stroma, K endo, TM, iris stroma, CB stroma, ciliary muscles, sclera, cartilage, bone, connective tissue of EOM, choroid (**anterior segment dysgeneses (Peters, CHED, internal ulcer of von Hippel)**)
Surface ectoderm
lacrimal gland/NLD, lids/lashes/epidermis, conj epi, K epi, lens
Neural ectoderm
post iris epi, sphincter & dilator pupillae, ciliary epi, neural retina, RPE, ON, nonpigmented layer of CB
embryonic vitreous:
becomes remnants of the hyaloidal system (hyaloidal canal, hyaloidal vessels & post portions of tunica vasculosa lentis
embryonic vitreous:
becomes main vitreous body
embryonic vitreous:
becomes zonules