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separate, loosen

example: electrolysis; neurolysis--loosening of nerve (tissue)
break, refracture

example: osteoclasis--refracturing a bone
fixation of a bone

example: arthrodesis--the stiffening of a joint by operative means
excision, removal

examples: appendectomy--removal of appendix; gas-trectomy--removal of the stomach; mastectomy--removal of a breast
incision, but into

example: phlebotomy--incision into a vein; tracheotomy--incision of the trachea
surgical repair

examples: rectoplasty--surgical repair of the rectum; rhinoplasty--surgical repair of the nose
visual examination

examples: colonoscopy--visual exam of the colon; proctoscopy--visual exam of the rectum
surgical puncture

examples: amniocentesis; arthrocentesis

example: lithotripsy--surgical crushing of a stone
forming a new opening

examples: colostomy--forming a new opening into the colon; tracheostomy--forming an opening into the trachea

examples: myorrhaphy--suture of a muscle; gastrorrhaphy--suture of the stomach (wall)
fixation of an organ

example: hysteropexy--fixation of the uterus