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5 Noncarious tooth defects & causes
Abrasion - Improper brushing/toothpick
Erosion - Chemicomechanical action, acids
Abfraction - Wear & fracture in cervical area
Attrition - mechanical wear or incisal and occlusal surfaces
Fracture - Loss of tooth structure from trauma
Caries Progression
White spot - Incipient, loss of translucency due to demineralization but no change in surface texture

-Surface texture becomes rough and softer

-Cavitated lesion = Clinically active lesion Softened enamel can be chipped away with explorer
Primary - Pit & fissure, Smooth surface caries, root surface caries

Secondary (recurrent)- Between tooth and restoration on side or under restoration
Location of Carries
Pit and fissure - Base to base
Smooth surface - Point to base
Root surface - Less defined margins, progresses laterally and rapidly
Incipient - Reversible white spots

Cavitated - Non reversible