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are vertical and individual
functions (i.e accounting, purchasing)
are across all functions, horizontal
processes (i.e. product development, order fulfillment)
a group of related tasks performed to achieve a desired result
coordinate and sequence work tasks; assign to function, people, organization
process design
process design converted into workable instructions to make and deliver product or service
process planning
organization's overall approach for producing goods and services
process strategy
detailed instructions and sequences of a process
process map
the relative amount of capital and labor (resources) used in production
Capital Intensity (a process strategy)
the ability to adjust resources in response to changes in demand, technology, products, or services
Process Flexibility (a process strategy)
the extent to which a firm can control input/output at each stage of the production process
Vertical Integration (a process strategy)
the role of the customer in the production process
Customer Involvement (a process strategy)
100 % Ownership
Vertical Integration
Equity partner
Joint Venture
long-term supplier contract
Strategic Alliance
short-term contract
Commodity Relationship
produces one-of-a-kind product in response to a customer order
prudces many different jobs through the production system in groups
Batch Production
produces significant volume of a standard product for a mass market
Mass Production
produces very high volume of commodity products
Continuous Production
constant regardless of the number of units produced
fixed cost
vary with the number of units produced
variable cost
price * volume sold
total revenue
total revenue - total cost
fixed cost + total variable cost
total cost
Fixed cost / (price - VC)
Break-Even Analysis formula
reengineering of a process so that it improves above peak performance
Breakthrough period
maximum capability of a process to produce a product or service
percent of total time spent working
standard hours of work assigned to a process

work time/ effective capacity
ratio of load to total capacity
load percentage
how well a machine or worker performs compared to a standard output level
capacity increases are based upon
-certainty of demand/volume
-strategic objectives
-costs of expansion/operation
% of capacity that minimizes unit cost
optimal operating level
% of capacity held in reserve for unexpected occurrences
capacity cushion