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Main Gyro
AN/WSN-7B Ring Laser Gyro
-Heading, pitch, roll info to ship's systems
-IC Gyro
Secondary Gyro
MK-23 Mod 4
-Heading to ship's systems
-IC Gyro
Flight deck comms
UHF voice
-AN/WSC-3 transciever
-AN/PRC-113 transciever
Flight deck radio system
-MOMS AN/SRC-55 hydra radios
Discuss SPS-40
-air search radar
-liquid cooled
-antenna located upper main mast platform
-iff capable, port yardarm
-system in radar 1
-remote controlled from CIC, stbd side aft
-viewed on SPA-25G
modes of SPS-40
SRM - short range mode, 80-100NM
LRM - long range mode, up to 256NM
Discuss SPS-67
-primary surface search radar
-secondary air/nav radar
-air cooled
-antenna upper main mast platform
-iff capable, stbd yardarm
-system in radar 2
-remote controlled from CIC, port side aft
modes of SPS-67
SP - short pulse, 15-20NM
MP - medium pulse, 50-60NM
LP - long pulse, 109NM
discuss SPS-64
-primary nav radar
-secondary surface search radar
-air cooled
-max range 64NM
-antenna main mast lower platform
-not iff capable
-system located in radar 2
-controlled from pilot house stbd side
-viewed locally and on SPA-25G
discuss furuno
-secondary nav radar
-air cooled
-max range 96NM
-antenna located forward 04 LVL platform
-not iff capable
-system located in pilot house
-controlled from pilot house
-viewed locally and on remote displays
-2 in pilot house
-1 in CIC
capabilities of SPA-25G
-remote radar indicator
-displays radar contacts, speed, range, bearing, contact type
-eight units:
1 on bridge
5 in CIC
1 in SACC
1 in flag plot
discuss GCCS-M
Global Command and Control System - Maritime
-replaced JMCIS
-updates in near-realtime
-rcv's, processes, displays, and manages data on neutral, friendly, and hostile forces
inputs for GCCS-M
discuss TADIXS
tactical data information exchange system
-shore to ship IXS
-reports on topics of interest to deployed battle group at classified level
discuss OTCIXS
officer-in-tactical-command information exchange system
-ship to ship IXS
-info provided by OTC of carrier or amphib command ship
discuss link-11
-provides tactical info between link-11 capable units (ships and aircraft)
-info is entered by individual units and xmted to other units for verification
purpose of JIC
joint intelligence center
-shipboard intel direct support
-battle support
-marine intel
discuss applicability of command, control, communications, computers, and information to ARG
purpose of CO's battle orders
orders that the CO gives as standing orders to how he wants things done under any circumstance.
discuss HF comms
20 URT-23's
33 R-2368's
9 xmt antennas
8 rcv antennas
freq range - 3-30mhz
secure/nonsecure OTH comms (1500 miles)
discuss VHF comms
xcvrs - 12 sincgars
b2b - 3 bridge, 1 CIC, 3 small boats
AN/PRC-113 - 2 prifly
AN/GRC-211 - 2 xmtr room
freq range - 30-300mhz
secure/nonsecure amphib ops, safety of flight, harbor/boat ops LOS (25-30 miles)
discuss UHF
xcvrs - 16 wsc-3 LOS
4 wsc-3 satcom, 1 rcv only
freq range - 300mhz-3ghz
secure/nonsecure ship to ship voice
satcom - DAMA, broadcast, CUDIXS
25-30 miles
discuss SHF
WSC-6 defense satellite communication system (DSCS)
international mobile satellite (inmarsat)
freq range 3-30ghz
discuss portable comms
enhanced position indicator radiating beacon (epirb)
iridium phone
man overboard indicator (mobi)
hydra (ship's security force)
purpose of routine/emergency destruction
Routine: when keymat's effective period has reached its normal expiration date
Emergency: confirmed compromise, abandon ship, or ship in danger of hostile takeover
2 types of destruction
partial: destroy all reserve and spare, keep only what's required to operate
complete: destroy everything onboard
purpose of TPI
required when handling comsec material TS or higher. safeguards against single access to TS or above material