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What is the Target Motion Analysis(TMA) formula for determining target course?
Reciprocal of target brg minus angle ont the bow(R-Ab)
What is the primamry objective of establishing a target's brg. rate?
to calculate the targets c/s and spd.
what is the foundation of all TMA plots and solutions?
Time BRG Plot
when was the highest brg drift rate of a passive target observed?
At targets CPA
Assuming own ships c/s and spd are steady, wha does a radical increase or decrease in passive target brg drift signify?
Target c/s , spd change
what TMA plot uses matches target assumed spd using spd strips to plotted faired brg to solve for target c/s and rng?
Strip plot
Assuming own ship c/s and spd are steady, what does a change in the direction of a passive targets brg drift mean?
Target c/s change
what is used to denote a dead-in-the-water(DIW)contact on the geographic plot?
a 500 yd radius circle centered on the contact.
How is an engaged hostile surface track indicated in NDTS?
a horizontal bar across the middle of a full diamond symbol.
How is a hostile air contact, which is assigned to an interceptor displayed in NTDS?
Upper half diamond with half horizontal bar across bottom of the symbol
what symbology denotes a neutral track in NTDS-A?
A green cross
What is the miniumum # of plots needed to obtain an initial c/s and spd.?
3 plots normally two min.