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The people of Iraq are often in their homes and off the streets in Iraq by 7:00 in fear.,9171,1101041206-832157,00.html
Terrorist Cafe is one of hte most dangerous streets in the Iraq and is patroled by us troops every night. us has picked up many enemy commander here.,9171,1101041206-832157,00.html
"The dogs are the Iraqi early-warning system," alerting insurgents to the approach of strangers. and they work quite well.,9171,1101041206-832157,00.html
later that nihgt they find out that there was an attack plan on hte snipers.. they dont know why it didnt happend they think it was becuase of the nightly patrol.,9171,1101041206-832157-2,00.html
the rebels are making bases in more rural places instead of small town area making it harder for ud troops to revent trouble.,9171,1101041206-832157-2,00.html
actions being taken are as followed
Throughout the country, training is being conducted on the basics of democracy, including accountability of government employees, transparency of government actions and processes, and participation of citizens in the government process
December alone, there were more than 600 meetings -- political, democracy-building meetings, party-building meetings -- throughout the country
These were held on the basics of democratic government, and included citizens and political representatives from these local meetings. Sometimes the meetings were as small as 20, 30 or 40 people
They were neighborhood-organized meetings, organized by the Neighborhood Advisory Councils. And sometimes they were as large as the town hall meeting that occurred in Mosul earlier this week, in which 250 people participated.
Participants, for instance, in Mosul from all the communities, all the ethnic communities, all the political communities, and it was a robust discussion about the November 15th political agreement and the implementation of it, and certainly the immediate next steps, which is the passage and implementation of the transitional administrative law.
Former regime elements that support and condone violence, jihadists and terrorists have no place in a free and democratic Iraq.
Iraq will inevitably be rid of these subversive elements.
If you are a terrorist, a former regime-element resistance fighter, or jihadist, know that your day of reckoning is near if you fail to abandon the cause.
in this the US is offfeingh the people that turn themselves in special treatment
Due to the circumstances of this capture, we cannot provide more detail, but remain assured that the coalition is committed to pursue the remaining fugitives on the list until all are brought to justice.
Over the past week, there has been an average of 17 engagements against coalition military daily, just over three attacks against Iraqi security forces and just over one attack against Iraqi civilians daily.
To that end, the coalition conducted 1,741 patrols, 16 offensive operations, 20 raids and captured 123 anti-coalition suspects in the past 24 hours.
In the north central zone of operations, coalition and Iraqi security forces conducted 171 patrols, five raids and captured 80 individuals.