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What was the ideas of the French Revolution?
by being born you have rights
Legacy of nationalism and liberalism w/individual rights and representative government
What musician absorbed the full impact of the French Revolution?
What is Rescue Opera?
music with spoken dialogue
plot involves elements of danger, hair raising escapes, loyalty to friends and servant (normal people doing amazing and heroic things to fuelize battle of good and evil)
When did Mozart die?
when was magic flute finished?
What was Mozart's greatest contribution to opera?
creating characters of ordinary and reality nature, brought characters to life as real people
When was the French Revolution?
1789-1815 (25 years)
What is the breakdown during the French Revolution?
first 3.5 years: liberalize monarcy
next 1.5yrs: dictatorship
next 5 yrs: interim of relative freedom
What is significant about 1795-1800?
the 'good years' of successful wars under Bonaparte
Who did Beethoven look up to during the French Revolution?
Bonaparte, but lost interest after he declared himself emperor
What was Beethoven able to capture in the writing of his music?
moved by the ideals of man
voice in the struggle of freedom
absorbed full impact of French revolution
What are two operas that are examples of Rescue Opera?
Les Deux Journees-by Cherubini
The Watercarrier-Cherubini
Librettist: Bouilly
What is significant about Les Deux Journees by Cherubini and librettist Bouilly?
Beethoven uses this piece to set music to for this only opera
What was Fidelio first called?
When was Leonora first premiered? Was it successful?
Nov 20, 1805, no, second version in 1806
When did Fidelio primere as a success? also, when and where?
May 23, 1814, Vienna at the Karntnertortheater
What was added to create Fidelio on its third revision?
Overture: Leonora No.2
What is Melodrama?
spoken dialogue, music supports action and gives emotional road map of characters
In Fidelio what is the inciting incident? and what is a good example of Rescue Opera?
1-when a letter from the king arrives that says hes coming to the prison 2-Pizzaro's Aria
What is an important feature in German opera?
What is Romanticism?
the outburst against abstract reason ("revolt against reason"
-movement in the state of consciousness
-movement meant to give pleasure to us living now, where classicist gives pleasure to previous generation
Describe German Romantic Opera.
-expression of feeling
-outer world of nature
-super natural world
-exploring extremes
Who wrote der Freischutz? where did it primere and when?
Carl Maria von Weber
Royal Playhouse in Berlin
June 18, 1821
What is an example of a Romantic opera?
der Freischutz by Carl maria von Weber
What is significant about the dates:
The Magic Flute (die Zauberflote) written by Mozart (1791)
Fidelio written by Beethoven (1805, 1806, 1814)
der Freischutz written by Weber (1821)
Barber of Seville (1813)
What is Singenspiel?
-german form of comic opera, French: Opera Comique, Italian: opera buffa
-spoken dialogue and musical numbers
-proportion of music to spoken word changed
-"theater of the common people"
How did singenspiel start?
spoken comedies with music intersersed
Who wrote the libretto to the Magic Flute?
Emanuel Shikaneder
-played papageno
-member of Mozart's Masonic Lodge
life of Gioachino Rossini
What is Bel Canto?
What is the Bel Canto period?
beautiful singing
Who were the Bel Canto composers?
Rossin: 1792-1868 (38 operas)
Bellini: (1801-1835) 9 operas
Donizetti: 1797-1848 73 operas
When and what were Gluck's reforms?
1762: trying to reform opera seria of the italians but had least affect of their opera style
Who was Simon Mayr?
1800 Bavarian who wrote operas that incorporated ideas coming up
**increased size and richness in orchestra
What is significatn about 1790-1810 in italy?
stagnant time of Italian opera
What was Rossini's signature?
The Rossini crescendo: repetiontion of rythem in steady increase of sound from very soft to deafening
What is considered the "Greatest French Grand Opera? and who wrote it?
William Tell in 1823 by Rossini
What is significant about Rossini?
-Ornate vocal style
-one of last composers to write for castrati
-leading roles for mezzo sopranos
-ensembles were kaleidoscopes with the "Rossini Cresendo"
-Orchestration known for clarity and color
-retired from opera at 37
What is secco recitativo and how did rosini use it?
in his Opera Buffa
When and who wrote Cinderella (La Cenerentola)
Rossini in 1817
What is Rossini coloratura?
sparking character of vocal passages again a perfect match for the exuberance of Cinderella's conclusion
What started Donizetti's sucess (which opera?) What was he known for? How many operas did he write?
Anna Boleno, an italian opera revised for Paris.
-Great Dramatist
-73 operas
What is the Double Aria form?
first part: Cavatina: slow, lyrical aria that showed breath support and beauty of voice
second part: Cabaletta: faster, contrasting and often with coloratura or some form of virtusity
Which opera is an example of Double Arai form?
Lucia di Lammermoor written 1835-Italian Bel Canto by Donizetti
What was Giuseppe Verdi known for? When did he live? What was a piece written early in his career?
-a new intensity of Bel Canto
-new use of rhythem
-a strength of character
What are the two principles of Itailian Opera?
1-the solo voice as melody, expression vehicle of musical expression
2-division into distinct musical numbers, mainly aria and recitatives