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incomplete fracture
oblique fracture around shaft
several complex fractures
transversely oriented
in the vertebrae
sticks out of skin
closure of fracture, formation of callus (about 21 days)
replace immature with mature bone
realignment and remodeling of bone
fracture to the fifth metacarpal
boxer's fracture
fracture to the distal radius
colles fracture
fracture to the fifth lumbar vertebra and can also be congenital defect
pars fracture
non-union of a fracture, forms a "false-joint"
implement sometimes difficult to tell e.g. rock, bottle, baseball bat, fractures radiate from point of impact, takes point of least resistance (sutures)
blunt force trauma
fracture of the skull where the bone is pushed in
depressed fractures
caused by slow loading forces
plastic deformation
fracture of the skull where the bone is pushed in
depressed fractures
puncture, incision, defts
v-shaped in cross section
uneven, random lines
even, smooth parallel lines
shift or move so start again
false start
last part of bone to be cut through, can tell position of body and how it was cut through direction when discover break-away spur, angle and direction
break away spur
internal beveling
entrance wound
when bullet hits at odd angle, not 45 degree, looks like on side, entrance, but can see external beveling, so hits at an angle
keyhole defect
external beveling
exit wound
radiates from entrance wound
radiating fractures
forms a circle
concentric fractures
location and excavation of graves, document trauma, determine identification of individuals, present evidence in court
role of FA in human rights
36 year conflict, excavation of mass graves in late 1990s
the disappeared - Guatemala
missing persons database not always helpful
facial reproduction
sculpting clay to appropriate soft tissue thickness
drawing soft tissue on a picture of skull
needle not always placed in correct position, tissue thickness of living and dead not always the same, decomposition, bloating
problems with facial reproduction
analysis, technical negotiations, recovery, identification
role of FA at JPAC
war, ethnic cleansing, terrorism, riots, natural disasters
types of cases worked on at JPAC